ArgyllCMS spectra viewer and converter *

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Select a file with spectral data:


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Use ArgyllCMS to acquire spectra:

#   reflectance spectrum
spotread -v -s -H "file_refl.sp"

#   transmission spectrum
spotread -v -s -H -t "file_trans.sp"

#   emission spectrum
spotread -v -s -H -e "file_emiss.sp"

#   flash emission spectrum
spotread -v -s -H -f "file_flash.sp"

#   ambient light spectrum
spotread -v -s -H -a "file_ambnt.sp"

Do not know how to start?
Try viewing ambient light spectrum or compare cloudy sky with flashlight, macro flash and two different lamps.

Found bugs, have suggestions, etc.? You know where to complain.
Application manual is coming later this year.