Sign Mobileconfig – Apple .mobileconfig configuration profile signing

Signed configuration profile is being installed on iPhone
Signed configuration profile is being installed on iPhone

During installation on iOS/macOS, digitally signed Apple configuration profile is shown with a green tick and corresponding note providing trust for the user. It is possible to use this command in Terminal to sign a .mobileconfig profile. However, it is easier to use a script which will request certificate file, private key and trust chain certificate in dialog.

First, create a new Automator Service named Sign MobileConfig.workflow in user folder

Then drag Run AppleScript element into Automator window, and fill it with the following code:
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Image Geotagger

Ladoga lake, Karelia, Russia. Open in new window.

I have been using GPSPhotoLinker for years. I become bored recently with its dependance on old Perl libraries which were no longer shipped with OS X. Some workaround suggested on manufacturer's forum helped to deal with problem for the next two OS X releases. Nevertheless, GPSPhotoLinker started to crash with Fujifilm X100T RAF files and with large Canon CR2s as well.

Internally GPSPhotoLinker uses Exiftool to complete geotagging tasks. So I decided to develop my own solution which would essentially run Exiftool console utility with carefully adjusted parameters.

Geotagger context menu

The solution is made as OS X workflow and appears in Finder context menu. So it's very easy to georeference your fresh or old images. You have not even to remember the app name :)
Basically, it is straightforward and self-explanatory, however, I'd comment on the workflow logic.
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