Bye-bye 2017

That year was not the easiest one, the amount spent was higher than earned. On the other hand, I have finally have 0 unread in my inbox, and the things will be done soon. Also I believe I have learned something new. The great thing is that year was so rich in impressions, that I even feel April or May were a few years ago :)
So I'd like to post two pictures of places which I need to come back to again in the future: Norway beyond the Arctic Circle and region of Dagestan.

Offersøykammen, Vestvågøya, Lofoten islands, Norway | Офферсёйкаммен, Вествогёя, Лофотенские острова, Норвегия
Offersøykammen, Vestvågøya, Lofoten islands, Norway. EF 17–40mm f/4L USM, , ƒ/10 ISO, 400, 1/6″.

Река Сулак, Сулакский каньон,  Миатли, Дагестан | Sulak river canyon, Miatli, Dagestan, Russia
Sulak river canyon, Miatli, Dagestan, Russia. EF 70–300mm f/4.5–5.6 DO IS USM, , ƒ/9 ISO, 400, 1/100″.

Samur forest and Caspian shore

Caspian Sea shoreline
Caspian Sea shoreline. EF 17–40mm f/4L USM, , ƒ/9 ISO, 200, 1/200″.

We all could not wait the trip to Samur forest. Wildlife photographer Valery Moseykin, “Photo Expedition” leader and the author and guide of the first eco-tour in Dagestan, was talking about this wonderful forest with admiration since the very beginning. So with expectations that high, the long way from Mahachkala to Samur river actually looked not that long at all. In addition, we saw endless water space of azure and calm Caspian Sea to the left, and Caucasian foothills to the right. Finally we found ourselves at the southernmost point of Russia, almost at the border with Azerbaijan.

Ophrys oestrifera, botfly orchis
Ophrys oestrifera, Ophrys oestrifera. EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM, , ƒ/11 ISO, 200, 1/13″.

Looks surprising, there is an asphalt road through the south-eastern side of the Samur forest. Locals take it to get to Primorsky settlement which is in 350 meters from Azerbaijan. And this road led us right to the heart of the forest.
As soon as we got out of the car, we saw adorable orchids, a species from Orchis genus. Two other species were hiding in the forest next to the glade.

Saturnia pyri, giant emperor moth Sturgeons at the fish breeding farm
Saturnia pyri, giant emperor moth. Sturgeons at the fish breeding farm. EF 17–40mm f/4L USM, , ƒ/9 ISO, 200, 1/200″.
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