Design for PSB2016 International Symposium

Plant Signaling and Behavior Symposium 2016 was held with a great success in St. Petersburg, Russia in June. It was really great to be a part of this large meeting of plant signalling scientists from all over the globe.
Being the deputy head of Local Organising Committee (LOC) of PSB2016, I was responsible for IT infrastructure and visual design of everything related to the Symposium.

PSB2016 Symposium website on iOS devices
PSB2016 Symposium website on iOS devices


We have started in August 2015, and I did paper sketches of what later become the conference website.
While the majority of our audience was quite conservative and used their desktop browsers, I kept in mind youth guys as well and adapted the design for mobile viewing experience. I think it was a good idea to respect these 9% too.
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Meet the new style of Macroclass

Анонс Макрокласса в Агрии, февраль 2016
New Macroclass logo

First I used to put my own logo with altered text (namely, Macroclass) over images that were taken during our Macroclass workshops, authored either by me or by Yulia Vtyurina, just because lack of time. In background, however, I continued thinking of the way to develop a dedicated style for our joint project.

I wanted the new logo to be clean, yet more complex than my own one, and ideally to convey what we share in style and approach to nature macro photography.

Macroclass logo sketches
Macroclass logo sketches

I came to an idea that letter elements of the logo should resemble different kinds of close up photography subjects – living creatures, and the logo as a whole to be of irregular shape or, better word, asymmetrical.

Letters of the word Macro (Russian equivalent: Макро) were drafted as: a snail, a dew droplet on a grass, a male beetle antenna, Polytrichum common moss spore holder, and a sundew leaf. Making the final draft, I've rejected sundew leaf for its complexity (hence, low scalability) and just put a general floral pattern.
The word “class” (Russian equivalent: класс) is rendered in a school handwriting style, since our Macroclass workshops are both creative and educative.

Macroclass logo (vector)

The last step was to choose the brand color, and that was the easiest thing to do. Considering that our Macroclass is devoted to nature macro photography, I decided to pick up a natural color from one of our photographs. Green would be too obvious, and its hue was already taken by my logo as well, so color had to be bold, calm, and peculiar. Just as one of our favorite subjects in Belogorie – fluffy pasqueflower, for which some of our participants joined workshop for the second time. After reviewing color samples from several candidate photos, we've ended up with this one:

Pasqueflowers by Yulia Vtyurina
Pasqueflowers by Yulia Vtyurina

And color extracted from the highlighted area is:


Hex: #751171
sRGB: R 117, G 17, B 113
CMYK: C 63, M 100, Y 22, K 9
Munsell: 7.5P 3/8
Pantone: 3515 C

We like this new style very much, and hope you will too.
And as a kind reminder, check the schedule of our upcoming workshops in the wild nature here.

And one more thing,

Official Macroclass wallpaper

«Little pink cuties on a nowhere lawn», official Macroclass wallpaper for iPad
Little pink cuties on a nowhere lawn“, official Macroclass wallpaper for iPad. Meyer-Optik Görlitz Trioplan 100mm f/2.8, , ƒ/2.8 ISO, 100, 1/200″. stock 264649646.

A.S.Adventure envelope design

A.S.Adventure envelope

A.S.Adventure is Belgian chain stores of outdoor clothes and action equipment like Alpindustria, Kant or Tramontana in Saint-Petersburg. You are able to buy here a gift card and send it to your friend. Girl at the cash desk will give you the special envelope for that reason.
And this particular envelope has a unique and surprising design. It resembles a mail envelope from the Soviet Union epoch: address and receiver fields are labelled in Cyrillic, Russian postage stamps as well as international stamps are placed around.

The discount card of A.S.Adventure shops has also the unique design: it looks like two cards sticked together, an ordinary one and a smaller one that features instructions for internet quest.

A.S.Adventure envelope and a discount card

A.S.Adventure chain stores in Antwerp A.S.Adventure chain stores in Antwerp
A.S.Adventure chain stores in Antwerp