Image Geotagger

Ladoga lake, Karelia, Russia. Open in new window.

I have been using GPSPhotoLinker for years. I become bored recently with its dependance on old Perl libraries which were no longer shipped with OS X. Some workaround suggested on manufacturer's forum helped to deal with problem for the next two OS X releases. Nevertheless, GPSPhotoLinker started to crash with Fujifilm X100T RAF files and with large Canon CR2s as well.

Internally GPSPhotoLinker uses Exiftool to complete geotagging tasks. So I decided to develop my own solution which would essentially run Exiftool console utility with carefully adjusted parameters.

Geotagger context menu

The solution is made as OS X workflow and appears in Finder context menu. So it's very easy to georeference your fresh or old images. You have not even to remember the app name :)
Basically, it is straightforward and self-explanatory, however, I'd comment on the workflow logic.
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A.S.Adventure envelope design

A.S.Adventure envelope

A.S.Adventure is Belgian chain stores of outdoor clothes and action equipment like Alpindustria, Kant or Tramontana in Saint-Petersburg. You are able to buy here a gift card and send it to your friend. Girl at the cash desk will give you the special envelope for that reason.
And this particular envelope has a unique and surprising design. It resembles a mail envelope from the Soviet Union epoch: address and receiver fields are labelled in Cyrillic, Russian postage stamps as well as international stamps are placed around.

The discount card of A.S.Adventure shops has also the unique design: it looks like two cards sticked together, an ordinary one and a smaller one that features instructions for internet quest.

A.S.Adventure envelope and a discount card

A.S.Adventure chain stores in Antwerp A.S.Adventure chain stores in Antwerp
A.S.Adventure chain stores in Antwerp