The righteous way to reduce the archive

That black day came. I am out of storage space on my file server, and have no more room to store photography.
One would suggest just buying another one disk, or replace current disks with ones with larger capacity. But I should not take this extensive way. The increase of storage space will not empty the excessive data, and hgst drives are too expensive. The righteous way seems to be to systematically reduce the number of photos and to cease, at least temporarily, its replenishment. So this way is kind of no-photos vow. So some photography which will appear in my blog was created in some time in the past.

Design for PSB2016 International Symposium

Plant Signaling and Behavior Symposium 2016 was held with a great success in St. Petersburg, Russia in June. It was really great to be a part of this large meeting of plant signalling scientists from all over the globe.
Being the deputy head of Local Organising Committee (LOC) of PSB2016, I was responsible for IT infrastructure and visual design of everything related to the Symposium.

PSB2016 Symposium website on iOS devices
PSB2016 Symposium website on iOS devices


We have started in August 2015, and I did paper sketches of what later become the conference website.
While the majority of our audience was quite conservative and used their desktop browsers, I kept in mind youth guys as well and adapted the design for mobile viewing experience. I think it was a good idea to respect these 9% too.
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