Vyborg castle
Vyborg castle. EF-S 18–55mm f/4.5–5.6,  ƒ/16 ISO 100 1/160″.
This photo of the Castle in Vyborg (Viipuri) is ten years old right now! It’s incredibly far ago!
I have thought about this, and got three ideas.
First, this was taken with a low-end Canon EOS 350D with kit lens, and it worked… sometimes! To tell the truth, I held another kit copy few times, and that one was just crap.
Second, it’s a great fun to get back to your own pics at some time – and dig out some interesting missed thing.
Third, ten years ago I was unable to process this as I wished, or did not understand how to do that, and abandoned that. With digital technology, we got an almost time machine when one can return to old shoots with new software and squeeze out a whole new level of quality from the old RAWs!

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