The Large Cloud Day in Kunijok valley was reaching its foggiest time. But still mount Kuelporr was visible while being coated by a thick wooly cloud. I photographed this scene from a shallow rocky Polygonal lake. Lichens, mosses and colorful dwarf birch shrubies were so attractive that I had no choice but to include them into this frame along with underlying rocks and pebbles.
Mount Kuelporr under clouds, HDR
Mount Kuelporr under clouds, HDR. EF 17–40mm f/4L USM, Marumi Super DHG polarizing filter, Formatt HD ND Soft Edge .6 4×4.5" neutral gradient filter;  ƒ/13 ISO 100 1/8″ ±2 EV, HDR. [stk id=224744821]
Having such bright skies like here forces the photographer to rely on HDR technique. This scene was no exclusion. But here HDR serves not only for technical reason but also for artistic component delivering a nice contrast between gloomy mounts in background and detailed colorful lawn in foreground.

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