HP USB flash drive v210w 16 Gb
Last week I was looking for an inexpensive and stylish USB flash drive for carrying large amounts of data. I owned the LaCie WhizKey (32 Gb) that was very well designed and technically good, but it was stolen with my photo equipment backpack. Since then I relied on Dropbox for file transfer, but for really big files it remained slow.
Now I’m pretty satisfied with a simple design and affordable speed of a USB flash drive HP v210w. I bought 16 Gb one because there were some claims on a robustness of larger-capacity models, and also I can use a portable hard disk for even bigger amounts of data. Actualy the drive is manufactured by PNY under HP brand, but it does not really matter.
Read and write speeds are as follows:
Read speed: 29.36±0.11 Mb/s (2 Gb), 29.24±0.05 Mb/s (512 Mb), 28.98±0.16 Mb/s (128 Mb).
Write speed: 11.86±0.05 Mb/s (2 Gb), 11.66±0.05 Mb/s (512 Mb), 11.10±0.04 Mb/s (128 Mb).

HP USB flash drive v210w 16 Gb is attached to a MacBook Pro laptop, flash drive on a shirt

2 thoughts on “Недорогая и стильная флешка: HP v210w на 16 Gb”

  1. Вот удивительно, у меня точно такая же только на 32 гб (сейчас они идут с замочком), и выбрал именно из -за дизайна, внешней надежности и компактности.
    Хорошая штука
    (в предыдущей записи не правильная ссылка на сайт, если что)

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