How does Russia above the Arctic circle look like?
This is how.
Iconic Hibiny mountains landscape with cloudy evening sky and bright colorful taiga forest reflected in shallow Polygonal lake, Russia above the Arctic circle
EF-S 10–22mm f/3.5–4.5 USM,  ƒ/9 ISO 100 1/50″. [stk id=244892119]
It is central part of Hibiny mountains where Polygonal lakes are located in Kunijok valley. If you are lucky enough (you definitely will, if you spend a few days here to keep an eye on weather) in some evening you are given a chance to capture all the essentials of Hibiny: mountain ridge, shallow lake with lots of lichen covered rocks and a perfect reflection of bright and colorful northern taiga forest in this still water.
This beauty of Russian North inspires me to come here in another autumn to hike the happy path and photograph the scene.
Cold or wind can’t stop me.

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