You need a special screwdriver to open MacBook Air and replace internal SSD with a faster and capacious one by OWC. Old SSD goes to Envoy USB 3.0 external case.

THNSNC128GMDJ – 128 Gb SSD from MacBook Air

It’s a pleasure to take in hands that piece of technology and feel its style and feather weight. Its dimensions are 24.06×108.92×3.09/0.84 mm. 32-gigabyte flash modules along with a controller are placed on front side, thermoconductive cover and markings are on the back side. The only thing I dislike is the imperfect cutting of the chip as you can see on the photos.

Especially for MacBook Air users –
Icon for SSD (in ICNS format)

MacBook Air 128 Gb SSD icon:
Format: ICNS
Dimensions: 1024&times1024, 512×512, 256×256, 128×128, 32×32 & 16×16 px
Download: (ZIP, 838 Kb).

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